Vastu Purush and Vishwakarma

The major difference between Vastu-Purusha and Vishwakarma is that the latter is renowned for the construction work done for the deities and he has a definite worldview. All his projects are grand projects. This includes the construction of the world, large expansions, townships etc. The latter is responsible for the architection of each and every […]

Do you know what is Vastu ?

Vastu Shastra is the ancient art and science of buildings, space and directions, which brings man and his environment in perfect harmony with nature. Proper Vastu showers upon the natives the benefits of Health, Wealth, Wisdom and Happiness. Vastu hare-nesses the 5 elements of nature i.e. fire, earth, wing, water and aakash/space to the advantage […]

Vastu and Accidents

For the destruction of Kaurvas, Lord Krishna made `Mayasura` (architect for demons) build the palace of `Indraprastha`. As he very well knew that Kaurvas will illegimately occupy the palace because of which it shall no longer be abode of the Pandavas. Thus Lord Krishna kept such a Vastu-dosha (flaw) in that palace which ultimately turned […]