Vastu Visharad Correspondence Course

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About Course

Embark on a transformative journey through the Vastu Visharad Correspondence Course, a creation of the illustrious International Vastu Academy, under the expert leadership of globally acclaimed Vastu consultant Pt. Satish Sharma. This unparalleled correspondence course unveils the treasures of Vastu, astrology, Feng Shui, and pertinent architecture, delivered to you meticulously via post, setting the stage for an immersive exploration of these profound disciplines.

Over the span of 12 months, the course’s structure unveils its brilliance. After six months of engaging learning, a five-day field training awaits, providing you with tangible, real-world experience. This marks just the beginning, as the pinnacle of practical experience arrives after the full completion of the course – a comprehensive 10-day extensive field training. Hosted at the magnificent Jaipur headquarters, this intensive training traverses diverse locations, encompassing Vastu sites, bustling commercial centers, industries, homes, temples, palaces, and historical treasures. Even towns themselves become living laboratories for in-depth study, revealing the intricacies of town planning and development strategy.

Within this course lies an innovative workshop format, meticulously tailored to Vedic subjects such as astrology, Vastu, and architectural principles. As you delve into the intricate interplay of celestial bodies, planetary influences, and star cycles, you’ll uncover the mystic dimensions of karma and fate. This journey also navigates into the realms of predictions, mysticism, and fortunetelling, knitting together a comprehensive understanding of the cosmic tapestry.

The course’s core emphasis remains unswerving – the meticulous Vastu study of residences, shops, commercial establishments, temples, palaces, forts, businesses, and historical monuments. The overarching objective is to cultivate prosperity, well-being, and tranquility within these spaces. The fusion of Vastu predictions with astrological insights in the classroom setting adds depth to your comprehension of these symbiotic disciplines.

Upon traversing the comprehensive curriculum, you’ll be unleashed to put theory into practice through immersive field experiences. Throughout this journey, the steadfast support of the Vastu Academy fortifies your evolution into a skilled professional or consultant, enhancing your credibility through the esteemed Vastu Academy certificate.

Course Highlights:

Duration: 12 months
Language Medium: English & Hindi
Study Materials: Carefully curated by the Academy
Examination Format: Within India – E-Mail or Courier | International – E-Mail
Tuition Fees:  INR 1,50,000/- (Two Instalments: INR 75,000 each)

Special Features:

Worksheets: Each set of ten lessons is accompanied by a worksheet, allowing for a nuanced analysis of your progress, guiding you towards personal growth.

Expert Assistance: Should questions arise during your journey, expert guidance is a mere phone call away, available on second Saturdays from 2-4 P.M. (IST) at XXXXX-XXXXX.

Field Training:

One of the most exceptional facets of this program is the immersive field training. After the completion of the initial six months, a five-day field training provides tangible exposure. Upon completing the full 12-month journey, an extensive 10-day field training awaits, taking place at the prestigious Jaipur headquarters. These sessions combine site visits with enlightening lectures and dynamic discussions, solidifying your grasp of practical Vastu principles.

Examination Approach:

Examinations, scheduled biannually, align with practical sessions. The first set of exams takes place upon finishing the second semester, while the second round occurs after the fourth semester, further cementing your grasp of the material.

Project Work:

Your journey culminates with two project reports, one exploring astrology and the other delving into Vastu. You have the liberty to choose your subject, elucidating it with authentic case studies.


Upon successful course completion and examination, a prestigious certificate awaits you. The convocation ceremony, held at the Academy’s headquarters, is where your accomplishments will be celebrated. Keep an eye out for notifications regarding this event.

Embrace the transformative power of the Vastu Visharad Correspondence Course, guided by Pt. Satish Sharma and the esteemed International Vastu Academy. This journey into ancient wisdom promises to enlighten and empower you, enriching your understanding of harmonious living.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Astrology - Module - 1: Acquaintance with Astrology: - To get acquainted with astronomical terms in astrology, planets, constellations, horoscope and zodiacs. This also explains the mutual relation among planets, zodiacs and constellation.
  • Astrology - Module - 2: Understanding Astrology: - The objective of this module is to understand the mutual relationship between the planets, natural and acquired subjects of the planets, deciding benefic and malefic planet for each Ascendant. This module has two most specific concepts of Vedic astrology i.e. Divisional charts and dasha system. Divisional charts give an insight analysis of every subject of life. Dasha system is very important as this is the tool for the timing of the event.
  • Astrology - Module - 3: Astronomy and Panchang: - The objective of this module is to understand those concepts of Astronomy which are relevant to Astrology. This talks in detail regarding time, sidereal and Tropical zodiacs, nodes, eclipse etc. Panchang is very necessary to understand the importance of Tithi, Nakshatra, Yog etc. not only for predictions but for other aspects of astrology as Muhurta etc. One of the important features of this module is the introduction to transit of planets which is the basis of daily, weekly or monthly forecast. This plays an important role in the prediction of important role results from an individual's horoscope.
  • Astrology - Module: 4. Stepping Towards Predictive Techniques: - This module is the preparatory step towards the predictive section of astrology. This explains some unique concepts of Vedic astrology which will show the difference between Vedic and Western astrology. Divisional charts, Dasha, Yoga are some unique concepts of Vedic astrology.
  • Astrology - Module - 5: Predictive Astrology: - This module contains predictive techniques, inferring results from planets according to their position, aspect, conjunction, exchange etc. The twelve houses of the horoscope are discussed in details along with analytical points and examples. The unique part of this module is the art of calculating event and the timing of event using Yog, Dasha, and Transit. Important remedial measures to pacify the negative results of Dasha.
  • Vastu - Module-1: Introduction to Vastu : - The objective of this module is to make on acquaintance with roots of Vastu and to understand the scientific basis of vastu. The study of this module helps one understand that the ancient sages identified the energy pattern and they framed Vastu Rules in such a way that these energy pattern can be used for making human life peaceful, happy and prosperous.
  • Vastu - Module - 2: Vastu Rules: -The objective of this module is to understand the important Vastu rules and their implementation in the practical life.
  • Vastu - Module - 3: Vastu Rules and Construction: - This module aims at systematic study of Vastu rules and implementation of these rules in practical. Study of this module gives an approach to interpret the results on the basis of the Vastu defects in a construction. This module gives a clear picture of a pro Vastu Construction.
  • Vastu - Module - 4: Astrology and Vastu : - This module present a clear picture of relation between Astrology and Vastu. The main aim of this module is to make the importance of Astrology char in the study of Vastu. This also emphasizes on the practical application of the Astrology while practicing Vastu.
  • Vastu - Module - 5: Technical Aspects of Vastu : - This module emphasizes on the technical aspects of Vastu. The aim of this module is to purpose the platform for the practical application of Vastu. The study of this module makes a perfect approach towards Vastu Planning.
  • Vastu - Module 6: Vastu for Commercial Buildings : - The objective of this module is the study of applicaton of Vastu rules for commercial purposes.