President - IVA

Pt. Satish Sharma

Amongst Vedic sciences, perhaps Vastu is proving to be the best instrument causing immediate changes in the life styles of those who want a shelter and uplift their life standards. These days there appears to crop up a large number of consultants who do not have proper degree and field experience and are not able to guide the people in a right manner. Unfortunately there is no such institution, which could rectify the mistakes done by these consultants. In such a situation we often hear about the disastrous results coming out of the corrections suggested by the so-called Vastu consultants. They are more harmful when they lack proper knowledge of astrology and field experience. Demolishing thousands of structures every day at the narration of these inexperienced and untrained Vastu Shashtris is wasting crores of rupees.
       Ever since Vastu became a rage in recent decades, quacks and crooks have been crowding in to this field doing damage to this sacred tradition.

Looking to the need of the time, and forthcoming success of the Vedic sciences and the tools given by the ancient sages, it has been decided to revive those lost traditions which have virtually became defunct due to foreign invaders into the holy land of India followed by destruction of ancient texts and conversion of Indian brain into the service of royal courts. The Brahmins and temples closed themselves in a hard shell and stopped all the researches. The Gurukuls were now no more to create intelligentsia of specialized sciences. Asa result we had suffered a dark period of more than hundreds of years. Now a large numbers of aspirants want to come up equipped with tools of Vedic knowledge. We also want the incarnation of ancient rules in a full swing implemented through well-trained consultants. For this, all the necessary elements have to be taught from the Sthapatya Veda (A Sub Veda), that includes rules of astrology, Vastu and architecture from the ancient texts. We also offer field practice during the course period.
      The world-class experts impart Astrology and Vastu knowledge to our students along with field experience.