For the destruction of Kaurvas, Lord Krishna made `Mayasura` (architect for demons) build the palace of `Indraprastha`. As he very well knew that Kaurvas will illegimately occupy the palace because of which it shall no longer be abode of the Pandavas.

Thus Lord Krishna kept such a Vastu-dosha (flaw) in that palace which ultimately turned out to be the main cause of fierce battle of `Mahabharata`. This great flaw was `Water in the middle`. (Centre of the plot called Brahma Sthana).

Flows in Vastu door planning disobedience of Brahma place etc. are beliefs that explain the untimely accidents (catastrophes) of life. Out of 32 extraces of vastu door planning some on one hand bring wealth, fame, success and prosperity whereas some others become the root cause of serious accidents.

In the Ishaana (North-East) angle, fire lord Shikhi is present that brings about problems and destruction associated with visible fire such as electric shocks and deaths. Entrance in Agni Kon (South-East) diminishes fire and leads to death due to Dehydration Entrace is `Vaayvya` angle can lead to serious accidents and even death, from the middle of west direction to South-West some entrances lead to destruction, violence and threat. From the north direction towards `North-West is a door named Vaag which brings death due to poisoning after being bitten by a poisonous animal, due to food poisoning, suicide by consumption of poison. An important fact associated with it is that this entrance may lead to death due to a foe in the garb of a friend.

If construction in the east direction turns out to be heavier than the west, there`s a fear of vehicular accidents. House with water tanks in the south direction are after seen to be the cause of abuse of women of the house. Leading lady of the house can fall fatally ill due to this water body.

Centre of the house belongs to `Lord Brahma`. If unknowingly any of the Vastu rules are violated and the Vital points in Brahma Sthana are affected, there is a danger to the owner of the house. Any heavy construction in this place can lead to the destruction of the entire family.
If the central part of the door is crammed with pillars and pegs it can lead not only to destruction of wealth but will even destroy the sons or the entire family.

Extension and Curtailment of angles give rise to accidents and mishaps. Any extension of the particular angle leads to an increase in the rights of the residing deity, thereby leading to its ill effects.
It has often been found that any extension in any of the angles of North-West and South-West give rise to enmity, arguments, state calamities, legal disputes.

If the main entrance is in a greater ratio than the rest of the house, problems related to income tax, sales tax and conflicts with local municipal authorities may arise.